Saturday, April 29, 2006

Agatha is dying. She had two seizures yesterday..the second went on for 15 minutes. She shook and cried and it was heartbreaking. Then we called several vets. Our Hillsboro vet was unhelpful and too far away. Our Seaside vet had an emergency number that went to an answering machine. We called a vet hospital in Astoria and drove her there. We poured cold water on her to keeep her fever down, and she seizured the whole way. She’s there now, getting Valium intravenously. We visited her this afternoon. She looks bad, still twitching and scared. We’ll visit her this morning and ask that she be put to sleep.

She’s the best friend I ever had. I wish so very much that she could go more easily, but I think she suffered these last couple of days. We wanted to give her a chance to live a little longer. Because she had suffered. We had hoped she could have come home and be with us for a few days more. So that we could show her how much we loved her.

Agatha is my dog. We’ve had her for about 15 years, and she’s about 16. We found her back then abandoned in the park across the street.

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